Best Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi & English

Best Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi & English

I have collected best Wishes and Quotes images from various sites for the Birthday celebration because Birthday has make a great importance in every ones life. Some people are born in leap year and this day comes once after 4 year, so those person can celebrate their birthday once every four year, so for those people birthday has really a great importance in their life. Even we also know that people want to celebrate this day with their family members and relatives and with online friend, and for this purpose they require best collection of Happy Birthday Wishes in Hindi & English loved ones and dear ones. So in this post we are going to share some beautiful pictures and images collection which will really helpful for you but we would like also to tell you something about birthday celebration so read it all info from here.

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Latest Whatsapp Status 2017

If you are looking for the Best Whatsapp Status to make someone smile, feel loved and express your thoughts and feelings? You have landed at the right place, here you can find just the Best Whatsapp Status Quotes that will be the best way for you to express and share your thoughts and feelings to others. It is understandable how it can be hard to find the right quote for your Status for WhatsApp which is why numerous Whatsapp Status on different themes have been compiled here. This way, it will be easier for you to find the perfect Quote to describe exactly your thoughts and feelings just in the most perfect way as well. This page is updated regularly so stay tuned for New Status.

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Happy Chocolate Day Status for Whatsapp 2017

Hey guys, Right now Valentine week is celebrating by all our world. So, Today is Chocolate Day. So, we are sharing Best Chocolate Day Status for Whatsapp, Chocolate Day Status for Facebook and Chocolate Day 2017 Status with you. Following are all latest Happy Chocolate Day Status 2017. All those who are searching for more best Whatsapp Status You can find out here. All you can share this on social media and many more places without any issue. You can also copy Chocolate Day 2017 Status. So, All those who are looking for an awesome collection of Chocolate Day find out here.

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Happy Valentines Day Status for Whatsapp 2017

Today, I will share my best collection of ‘Happy Valentines Day 2017 Status‘ with you, we have also picked few ‘Valentines Day Status for Whatsapp – Happy Valentines Day Status for Facebook’. Which you can share with your friends on the Facebook & WhatsApp. Single Happy Valentines Day Status 2017, Single on Valentines Day, Happy Valentines Day for Singles. So, that you don’t need to surf all the website for the same. Also, we have to make sure to make this list best of best – ultimate collection for you.

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Happy Kiss Day Status for Whatsapp 2017

Happy Kiss Day 2017: Hey, Friends! Today we are going to Share with you a Happy Kiss Day Status for Whatsapp and Happy Kiss Day 2017 Status for Facebook on this special Day. Happy Kiss Day is the Last day of the Valentine Day week. Happy Kiss Day Complete the valentine week as well as love relation. So send Best Happy Kiss Day Status in Hindi and Happy Kiss Day Status in English to your Girlfriends. Happy Kiss Day Status 2017, So celebrate the Happy Kiss day 2016 by Sending Kiss Day Greetings to your lover.

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Happy Promise Day Status for Whatsapp 2017

We know that the day has so much importance not only for youngsters but also for senior people. It’s the day of respect for Love so we offer hundreds of unique Happy Promise Day Status 2017 that will show your respect and love for your love. This day comes with lots of promises, excitements, responsibilities & commitments. So enhance the excitement of the day with cute promise day messages. Your promise and commitment to accomplish it will add charm and love to your relation. So update your profile on Whatsapp with our latest Whatsapp Status for Promise Day 2017 and send best Promise Day Status in Hindi to your best buddies and make your bonding stronger.

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Happy Rose Day Status for Whatsapp 2017

We as a whole love downloading Nice and Sweet Rose Day Status for Whatsapp in English – Hindi for Friends from all web to awe our Girlfriend – Boyfriend or Husband – Wife. In this way, we have round-up and picked astonishing Whatsapp Status for Rose Day for Facebook and Twitter utilize Happy Rose Day Status 2017 for Whatsapp in Hindi. That is the reason we have gathered best accumulation of English Status for Rose Day 2017, simply Copy Rose Status for Girlfriend from here and send them additionally, you can utilize it as send to your Girlfriend – Boyfriend – Husband – Wife on any social site on this Happy Rose Day 2017.Read More »

I Miss You Quotes Status for WhatsApp


1. “काश उस जाते हुए वक़्त को रोक सकते, आपके साथ गुजरा हर लम्हा जोड़ सकते, न जाने कितनी यादे जो आपने दी हमे, काश जिंदगी को हम पीछे मोड़ सकते ।”

2. “आंसुओं की बूँदें हैं, या आँखों की नमी है, न ऊपर आसमां है, न नीचे ज़मी है, यह कैसा मोड़ है, ज़िन्दगी का उसी की ज़रूरत है, और उसी की कमी है ।”

3. “अंदाज-ऐ-प्यार तुम्हारी एक अदा है, दूर हो हमसे तुम्हारी खता है, दिल में बसी है एक प्यारी सी तस्वीर तुम्हारी जिस के नीचे ‘आई मिस यू’ लिखा है ।”

4. “कितना अधूरा लगता है, तब जब बादल हो पर बारिश ना हो, जब जिंदगी हो पर प्यार ना हो, जब आँखे हो पर ख्वाब ना हो, और जब कोई अपना हो पर साथ ना हो ।”

5. “आज कुछ कमी है तेरे बगैर, ना रंग ना रोशनी है तेरे बगैर, वक़्त अपनी रफ्तार से चल रहा है, बस धडकन मेरी थमी है तेरे बगैर ।”

6. “कुछ खूबसूरत पल याद आते हैं, पलकों पर आँसु छोड जाते हैं, कल कोई और मिले हमें न भुलना क्योंकि कुछ रिश्ते जिन्दगी भर याद आते हैं ।”

7. “एक शाम आती है, तुम्हारी याद लेकर एक शाम जाती है, तुम्हारी याद देकर पर मुझे तो उस शाम का इंतजार है, जो आए तुम्हे अपने साथ लेकर ।”

8. “तमाम गमो को भूल जाने को जी करता है, अब एक बार मुस्कुराने को जी करता है, बहुत जिया यादों के सहारे अब आपके पास आने को जी करता है ।”

9. “कैसे बयान करू अलफ़ाज़ नहीं है, दर्द का मेरे तुझे एहसास नहीं है, पूछते हो मुझसे क्या दर्द है तुझे? दर्द यह है के तू मेरे पास नहीं है ।”

10. “हर बार माँगा खुदा से दोस्तों का प्यार, हर साँस को रहा दोस्तों के आने का इंतजार, भीग गई पलके हमारी तब तब, जब जब दोस्तों से सुना I Miss You यार ।”

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100 I Miss You Quotes Status in English

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1. “When I Miss you. I read Your old messages. :’)”

2. “I miss your smile but I miss my own even more.”

3. “If ever I see you smile and know that it is not for me, that is when I will miss you the most.”

4. “No, I am not okay. I miss you.”

5. “I am not asking for a lot… all I want to do is hold your hand. I miss you.”

6. “I pretend to ignore you, but I really just miss you.”

7. “I feel bad when you miss me, I feel sad when you don’t.”

8. “Sometimes, we hate being bored. Because it gives us a lot of time to think about the people we miss.. :(”

9. “I miss you. I might not always show it, might not always tell people, but on the inside I miss you like crazy.”

10. “A sunset without you is as good as a sunrise that never happened. I miss you.”

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